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Why Choose WTH Products & Services?

We understand that there are many options in the GIS world.  When you're faced with the decision to implement or update your mapping solution what makes WTH and the Think GIS® suite the right choice for you?


Badge-tick-blue Empowerng Local CommunitiesTM
  WTH has long believed that our world is filled with people who are committed to making their own communities better places to work, live  and raise families.  Since you're reading this, that likely describes you.  We, in turn, are committed to creating software products designed to give you the tools you need to accomplish this.  WTH also provides the kind of project and support services to enable anyone to deploy the power of GIS to improve the lives of their fellow citizens.
Badge-tick-blue   Unprecedented Ease of Use
  WTH has focused on creating GIS software that enables anyone to take advantage of the power of map based analysis and management.  In fact, we call Think GIS® "GIS with a purpose."  That means Think GIS® is designed to provide the specific tools you need to do your job in an easy to learn, user friendly platform.  Training time is greatly reduced allowing you to get your staff up and running quickly and with minimal cost.
Badge-tick-blue Powerful Tools
  Think GIS® provides a full GIS platform capable of creating robust maps from your data sources.  Once your GIS is in place your team can keep it current with a full suite of editing tools.  In addition location based data can easily be converted to map layers with Think GIS®.  For example, if you have a spreadsheet with records that contain mappable locations Think GIS® can import and create a map layer with its easy to configure geocoding engine.  Need to know how many structures are within 200 feet of a right of way?  Where is the nearest fire hydrant?  How many houses are within a mile of a hazardous materials release?  All these questions and many more can be quickly and easily answered using Think GIS®.
Badge-tick-blue Integration with Third Party Systems
  WTH has designed Think GIS® with an open architecture which allows third party software to take advantage of its power and ease of use.  In addition WTH has an attitude of openness.  We have created many relationships with great companies who are leaders in their industries.  These partnerships allow you to experience the best results possible by choosing the specific software that meets your individual needs.  WTH is always willing to meet with your preferred vendor to create an integrated solution that works for you.
Badge-tick-blue Budget Friendly Pricing
  Think GIS® is available in an Editor's version that provides all the GIS functionality we offer at an affordable price.  It's also available in a User version that includes everything but creation of new map layers for a suprisingly low price.  Think GIS® User Version is designed and priced to allow you to bring the power of GIS based tools to your entire team.  Our other proudcts such as Think AVL® as well as our Event Manager and Crime Mapper are equally affordable and bring added value to your Think GIS® deployment within your budget.
Badge-tick-blue World Class Support
  WTH is committed to providing the best customer support in the industry.  Our team focuses on your specific needs and strives to develop a personal relationship with each of our customers.  We want to understand your job so that we can make sure our systems help you work better, faster and smarter.  We're patient with every request and will devote whatever time it takes to make sure you're confident and capable with the task at hand.  WTH support agreements also include software upgrades.  As more features are added you'll get them automatically.  With WTH support you'll only buy your software once.

Customers For Life

At WTH our customers always come first.  Our staff pride themselves on focusing on your needs.  The philosophy that drives everything we do is to create "customers for life!"  We look at each relationship as an opportunity to serve you.

In fact, when you choose WTH products and services you become more than just a customer; we say, "welcome to the family!"

About Us

Where Technology Happens®
WTH  has been providing GIS products and services since 1999.  Our flagship product, Think GIS®, is in use on over 9,000 computers in over 1,400 customers in 140 counties in 12 states.

Our Address:
3665 Washington Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN USA 46205

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